Policing In America

The way police operate in the U.S. is firmly rooted in our nation’s long and ugly racist history. This sermon will explore this history to provide some context for the current discussion about how to reform the way policing is done in the U.S. or to abolish it and replace it with something new. 

We All Need Inspiration

This service will be led by Sunnyhill member Joe Barker, a recent participant in Rev. Jim’s sermon writing class. Joe’s sermon explores inspiration as an important and integral part of our shared humanity. How do we discover inspiration and what difference can it make for ourselves and others? Inspiration can often lead to a more … Continued

Gotta Get My Cabin Head

Brad Convis, a recent participant in Rev Jim’s sermon writing class, shares his spiritual journey that led him to the practice of daily meditation. Join us as he invites us to consider basic mediation practices to battle ego and fear-based self-destructive behavior and improve emotional health. He shows how he embraced his Unitarian Universalist upbringing … Continued