Gospel of Queer Eye

The Netflix television series Queer Eye (a reboot of an earlier series) features a team of five gay men who provide a full-life makeover for a different individual in each episode. In subtle and not-so-subtle ways, the show challenges and transforms ideas of what it means to love yourself and love your neighbor. What lessons … Continued

The Power of Belonging

In an era of distrust of virtually all organizations and institutions, what does it mean to belong? How can a sense of belonging strengthen us as individuals and as members of a larger community? In a time and place where people are fleeing from belonging, how might it be counter-cultural to claim membership in certain … Continued


Today’s service focuses on Navratri, a nine-day long festival to celebrate the nine forms of Goddess Durga. This festival represents the victory of good over evil and symbolizes the idea of conquering one’s evils with the goodness of one’s soul.