Why Are We Here?

For thousands of years, people have come together to form religious communities of various sorts. Why do we gather together in this way? What is it that can be accomplished in religious community that can’t be accomplished any other way? This sermon will explore these questions and others having to do with that which binds … Continued

Justice and the Pandemic

There are a great many social justice implications to the current pandemic, and, unsurprisingly, the people most affected are those who are already oppressed and marginalized. During this time of social distancing, how can we continue to work together for justice for all? This service will be streamed online via Facebook and can be found … Continued

Surviving Isolation

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus presents us with a number of challenges, including learning how to survive extended periods of isolation without going batty. This sermon will explore practices and alternative ways of connecting that might help all of us survive or even thrive during this stressful time.