F-Words, Part 2: Forbearance

This year we will be examining the concept and practice of covenant from a variety of perspectives. This week’s service will focus on historic Unitarian and Universalist covenants and how they might provide some helpful perspective on our current challenges and how we might live in a covenantal way here and now.

Possibility Under Pressure

Dealing with pandemic-related challenges, political chaos, economic uncertainty, and any number of personal issues, all of us are feeling some degree of stress and pressure. How can we cope with this pressure in such a way that it leaves us open to new possibilities?  Welcome Back! This service will be outside on the Sunnyhill Grounds … Continued

Stories and Songs of Labor

In celebration of Labor Day weekend, we’ll be singing songs about work and about the American labor movement as we reflect on the meaning and nature of work. In what ways have working conditions improved and in what ways have things started to regress? And what can be done to improve work for all?