Access archived media here, including:

• 318 Sunday Services (226 audio, 92 video)
• 536 Minister’s Moments/Rays of Light since March 2020 (29 hours of video)
• Other media, including Christmas and Vespers Services
• 333 total hours of media (206 audio, 127 video)
• Orders of Service included with each recording, plus one large searchable document with all the Orders of Service

This compilation of media is provided by dedicated volunteer Mike Gravitt.

My Cup Overflows

The phrase “my cup overflows” is a translation of the Hebrew phrase kosi r’vaya from the 23rd Psalm. Our spiritual cup often overflows–with joy, with sorrow, with wonder, with worry. What does it mean to live life from a place of abundance and overflowing rather than scarcity and emptiness?

Dust and Ashes

Repentance is one of the major themes of the Christian liturgical season of Lent. What does repentance look like in our contemporary context, and is it even a useful concept here and now?

Community & Connection

What are the benefits of being part of a healthy, thriving community, and what does it take to create and sustain such communities? In this service, we will explore these questions and others.