We celebrate the unique, eclectic, and exuberant artwork that enlivens our surroundings at Sunnyhill. To truly appreciate the beauty of these pieces, you’ll have to visit in person!

To learn more about each piece and its creator (or creators), click on a piece of art:

  • Sunnyhill Quilts. Individual squares designed and/or sewn by Sunnyhill congregants and families.  The first two quilts were made in 1990 to commemorate Sunnyhill’s 25th year. Since then, every five years, more quilts have been created to include more members and friends.  Quilters include Lucille Sanderson, Marie Steinle, Gloria Snyder, Shelly Chandhok, and Pamela Kavelman, 1990 to present.
  • Sunnyhill Banner. Designed by Sally Storman and sewn by Gloria Snyder and Shelly Chandhok, 1982.
  • Tapestry/Hooked Rug. Based on a black and white woodblock design by Tippi Comden. The design was based on a photograph by Joe Squilla, taken during a Sunnyhill event in South Park. Various Sunnyhill members and friends helped hook the tapestry, year unknown.
  • Ink drawing of the original Sunnyhill building/manor house. Jo Winger, date unknown.
  • Stained Glass Window. Designed by Tippi Comden in 1983 for use in our original red door.
  • Stained Glass Chalice
  • Lectern. Built by Vijay Chandhok, 1985. Retired in June 2016 when Sunnyhill moved to temporary headquarters at the Mt. Lebanon Rec Center during construction.
  • Lectern. Bult by Mike Henessy with wood donated by Dennis Sweeney, 2017. Inaugural service August 20, 2017.
  • Member’s Cabinet/Corner Cabinet in Fellowship Hall. Built by Dennis Sweeney in 1998, in memory of Jo Winger.
  • Hymnal Bookcase. Built by Michael Hennessy with two “student” helpers, Pat Sullivan and Patty Williams (via winning Service Auction bids), 2002.
  • Nametag Sideboard. Built by Michael Hennessy, 2003.
  • Wooden Relief Panel with Carved Flame. Created by Dennis Sweeney in memory of Any Fehr and others, 2004.
  • Membership Desk. Built by Michael Hennessy with help from Jerry Huelsenbeck, date unknown.
  • Candle Table. Built by Michael Hennessy with funds donated by Alan James, 2007.
  • Wooden Candle Holders. Created by Dennis Sweeney in memory of Steven Williams and Laurence Williams, sons of Shirley and Robert Williams, 2009.