The Complete Sunnyhill Audio Archives of 200 Services Now Available!

It all began on September 6, 2015, during a service celebrating “The Life and Music of Pete Seeger”. I noticed in the Order of Service that “Jacob’s Ladder” was the Gathering Music. This being one of my favorite songs (especially after hearing Springsteen perform it with the Seeger Sessions Band in 2006), I asked my wife, Johna, to record it.

I began wondering why we were not recording audio from each service, sharing the talents and messages with those who cannot attend, as well as archiving this important component of our Sunnyhill history.

After the service, I asked Pastor Jim what he thought of the idea, that I was willing to organize the project. He was immediately supportive, only asking that any personal elements such as “Joys & Sorrows” be removed prior to Facebook posting or e-mail distribution.

The rest, as they say, IS HISTORY!

Now, fast forward nearly four years, after posting the July 21, 2019, service, we have 200 services totaling over 174 hours in the archives!

To make the complete collection easily accessible to everyone, I have compiled and organized all of this audio into one location. You can access it at

There are folders for each quarter-year. Within these folders are two files for each service, one an MP3 audio file, the other a text file giving an introduction and Order of Service. I have also compiled all of these text files into one document that is available in the main folder in case you wish to easily search for something by name, keyword, etc.

A couple of things to point out:

  1. While many of these recordings are soundboard, some are audience recordings. Most of the services from July 10, 2016, to August 13, 2017, and March 18, 2018, to now are soundboard recordings.
  2. While a bullet-point Order of Service is included for nearly all of the recordings, beginning with the May 22, 2016, service, a three- or four-sentence introduction (the same that is posted to our Facebook page) is also included.

To be added to an e-mail distribution sharing the link to each week’s sermon, or if you run into any issues or have any questions, please contact Mike Gravitt at or 412-725-9634 (e-mail is preferred).

Also, if you happen to have any recordings prior to September 2015 that you made for personal use, please reach out to me. We can add them to our archives.

Finally, I want to thank everyone the past few years for your support of this project. I receive thanks very often by folks, but credit should also be given to our audio committee: Bob Lee, Mike Hennessy, and Elliot Pullen. In my opinion, though, the largest thanks should go to Pastor Jim for his willingness to share his talents with all of us now, and for years to come!

-Mike Gravitt