Grace & Grit

Although we often take what we have for granted, it’s relatively easy to be grateful when things are going our way. How do we go about living a grace-filled and grateful life even when times are hard? Sometimes grit is just as important as gratitude.


In this service, Rev. John Ballance will draw upon his experience as a chaplain at Allegheny County Jail to reflect on the meaning of resilience even in the midst of the most challenging situations.

How Trees Grow in Rocks

What lessons about resilience can we learn from trees and shrubs that grow and thrive in even the most difficult circumstances? And how can we learn to have a symbiotic rather than hostile relationship with our own challenging circumstances?

Sports Fandom

Why do people care about sports, and what lessons can be learned from being a sports fan? While some people are true fanatics and others care little or nothing about sports, there are some interesting and instructive aspects of fandom that can reveal important truths about being human.

Immigration and Colonization

Although the U.S. is a “nation of immigrants” (at least for many of us), we are also a nation that was founded by means of violent colonization and destruction of indigenous cultures. How do we live with this mixed legacy while working to become truly welcoming to all?