Rise Together, Apart

One of the central messages of Easter is re-birth, rising even from death itself to transform into something new. In a time of quarantine, death and disease, what does it mean to rise together? And how can we re-imagine and re-experience hope and new life in the midst of despair and suffering?

Green is Good

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the celebration of the first Earth Day. How is our environmental situation different now than it was then, and what is our best way forward to work for environmental justice?

Here and Queer

Sunnyhill is a “Welcoming Congregation”—meaning, we have gone through the process of attaining and renewing our status with the UUA as a congregation that is welcoming to all, especially LGBTQIA+ people. But what more can we do to be more fully inclusive and fully committed to working for the liberation of all?

The Gospel of Star Wars

The Star Wars film and television franchise is one of the most successful in entertainment history. What makes these films so popular and what are the underlying messages about life and living that are relevant to us today? And what the heck is the Force, anyway?

God and Other Forbidden Words

Unitarian Universalists have a reputation for being allergic to, or troubled by, traditional religious terms and concepts such as God, faith, and spirituality. What do these terms mean in a UU context, and how might they be useful to our growth as individuals and as members of a larger community?

Solidarity: The Story of Ruth

The biblical story of Ruth offers a compelling example of true solidarity and what it means to be committed to being on the side of others who come from backgrounds different from our own but with whom our ultimate destiny is intertwined. This service will examine the meaning of this story for us today.

Decoration Day

The true origins of Memorial Day are rarely discussed, but the holiday began in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War when African Americans, newly freed from chattel slavery, conducted a series of commemorations to express their sense of the meaning of the war. This service will explore the deep roots of Memorial Day and how those roots might change the way we experience this holiday in our own era.