Stephanie Gannon

The Wisdom of Trees

Especially during the pandemic, I have found myself reading more about trees and relating to them more deeply. What do trees have to teach us about community and how to live in healthy relationship with one another? Please join me for an exploration of trees’ quiet wisdom.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

“This Is What Democracy Looks Like!” Since the 2016 general election, some say we are witnessing a decline in American democracy, and it’s easy to become discouraged and even indifferent. Where do we find the necessary hope to keep us energized and engaged? This week we’ll be focusing on some exciting grassroots movements that should … Continued

Teaching Each Other to be Human

This sermon will explore the ideas of influential Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams, who spent time in 1930s Germany when fascism was on the rise. At a time in which we’re seeing a frightening resurgence of right-wing movements around the world, Adams’ work couldn’t be more relevant. This Sunday, we’ll explore such questions as: What … Continued