Rev. Jim Magaw

Forever Becoming

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that every human being has the capacity to bring more love, kindness, creativity and warmth into the world, but circumstances sometimes prevent us from focusing on becoming our best and truest selves. How do we engage in the process of forever becoming?

Rise Again

On this Easter Sunday, we will consider what it means to rise again from the ashes of the spiritual and emotional fires that have been burning as a result of the pandemic and related social, economic and political crises. How will we rise again as individuals and as a religious community?

How to Help the Grieving

Our culture does not deal well with grief. Too often, we deny grief and/or consider it a weakness or a failing. In an era marked by intense grief, how can we best support one another, especially those who are grieving major losses?

Ida B. Wells and Black Activism

Ida B. Wells was a suffragist, civil right activist, and anti-lynching journalist who helped spawn the anti-lynching movement in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century. What can we learn from her story and how does it apply to our current situation?

One Year Later

This service will mark the one-year anniversary of the COVID pandemic affecting our communities, our congregations, and our lives. One year later, what have we learned about each other, about faith, life, and community?

Life and Times of Viola Liuzzo

Viola Liuzzo was a Unitarian Universalist who was killed after participating in the march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. Her story is compelling and offers inspiration for us today. What might we learn from Viola Liuzzo and the example of others from her era?

Stories of the Heart

Our deepest commitments to love and justice begin not with the human intellect but with the human heart. And it is our connection to our hearts that sustains our work. As Brené Brown has pointed out, “Courage is a heart word . . . the word courage meant ‘To speak one’s mind by telling all … Continued

Islands of Sanity

Author and activist Margaret Wheatley suggests that, in the midst of “the rise of hatred, violence, poverty, and ecological destruction” on a global level, we must work locally to create islands of sanity that will preserve the best of the human spirit. How do we go about this important work?

Love and Justice

Unitarian Universalism puts forth love and justice as primary values to be nurtured and practiced as individuals and in covenant with others. No one is perfectly loving and just, nor is any community or organization. How do we keep these values front and center in all that we do?

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Justice

For decades, many institutions and organizations—including the church—have emphasized diversity and inclusion as important values. We often talk of celebrating diversity and striving to be more inclusive. But are diversity and inclusion enough? This sermon will explore how an emphasis on diversity and inclusion may sometimes keep us from working for real justice and equity.