Rev. Jim Magaw

Why Fascism Is Wrong

With the rise of authoritarianism and neo-fascism not just among fringe groups but also in mainstream politics, it is important to understand and articulate the moral argument against fascism. This service will explore Unitarian Universalism’s historic and contemporary commitment to anti-fascism.

Wild Geese and More Wild Geese

Why do wild geese keep finding their way into poems? This service will explore the meaning and significance of these creatures in the poetry of Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry and others.

What Binds Us Together

This sermon will explore Unitarian Universalism’s unique ecclesiology – how we are together as a religious community. We are rooted in the concept of covenant that traces its source to the Hebrew Scriptures and to the Puritans, but our idea of covenant is fluid and always changing and developing.

Why Theology Matters

Although most of us don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about theology, understanding the theological underpinnings of social and political movements helps us understand the roots and implications of these movements and the ways in which some are toxic and others life-giving.

The Meaning of Labor

In celebration of Labor Day weekend, we’ll reflect on the meaning and nature of work. In what ways have working conditions improved and in what ways have things started to regress? And what can be done to improve work for all?

Third-Person Unitarian

In the 19th-century, many Unitarians described themselves as “first-person Unitarians,” meaning they emphasized only the first part of the idea of the Trinity – God the Father, but necessarily the Son or the Holy Spirit. However, in the 21st-century, it’s possible that the concept of a “third-person Unitarian” may be more relevant. This service will … Continued

Why Church, Why Now?

In a bygone era, it was assumed that almost everyone would belong to a religious community of one kind or another, but that assumption no longer holds as more and more people are unchurched. What are the real benefits of going to church and what does it mean to be a member of a congregation … Continued

Sabbath Wisdom

The idea of a “day of rest” may seem quaint and outdated–especially in a world that appears to be on fire. But, if we are to be functional and at least somewhat effective as bringers of justice and compassion, we need a day of rest more than ever before. How can we make room for … Continued

Turning Fear into Love

Vietnamese Buddhist teacher and activist Thich Nhat Hanh spoke of four mantras “effective for watering the seeds of happiness in yourself and your beloved and for transforming fear, suffering, and loneliness.” This service will examine those mantras and how they might be practiced. No RSVP required, masks optional for the in person service! PS- Sunnyhill … Continued


Being a “welcoming congregation” is not merely an academic exercise or just a nice thing to do. Welcoming our LGBTQIA+ siblings is a life-affirming and potentially life-saving act. In this service we will examine what we can do to work for justice for LGBTQ people while becoming a more fully inclusive and welcoming congregation.