Rev. Jim Magaw

Interdependence and Improvisation

The practice of improvisation in music, theater and other settings gives us opportunities to observe and participate in interdependence–one of the most important theological concepts for Unitarian Universalists. What can we learn about interdependence from improvisation?

Come Healing

At a time when new wounds are inflicted on us daily–particularly for those of us who are members of oppressed and marginalized populations–when and how do we take the time for healing and restoration? How do we incorporate healing into our efforts to bring more justice into our world?

Everything is Holy

Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of our most famous Unitarian forbears, wrote: “all things are friendly and sacred, all events profitable, all days holy, all [humans] divine.” What does it mean to be part of a faith tradition that seeks the holy not just in certain places but everywhere?

Risk-Taking, Failure and Success

Any significant undertaking  will almost certainly involve significant risk and the possibility of failure. Any venture that is not at least somewhat risky is probably not much of a venture. And vulnerability is a necessary part of any project that is worth doing and is an essential element of success. This sermon will explore risk, … Continued

Omnia Mutantur

One of the central messages of Easter (and of most religious traditions) can be summarized in two words: everything transforms. Why is this such an important idea and how can it help us, no matter what our religious beliefs might be?

Heaven on Earth

Our Universalist forbears believed that it was up to each of us to create something like the kingdom of heaven on earth–to work for justice, to act with compassion and mercy, to be generous in bringing abundance to all, and to love the hell out of the world.  What are we doing today to fulfill … Continued

Faith, Doubt, and Mustard Seed

The gospel of Mark’s parable of the mustard seed challenges its readers to think about such issues as faith, doubt, and the power of community. What does this parable have to say to us about our own lives and our own era?

Gospel of Mark: Good News

What is the good news of our current era? Is there such a thing as “good news” when we are facing so many grim challenges? This sermon–the first of four inspired by the Gospel of Mark–will explore what it means to be bringers of good news, even (or especially) in dark times.

Attention Please!

One of the greatest challenges in life is paying attention. Sometimes, when things are difficult to experience, we really don’t want to pay attention. Other times, we simply forget. However, when we do pay attention, we’re better able to cope with reality and to appreciate all that is good in our lives and in our … Continued

My Cup Overflows

The phrase “my cup overflows” is a translation of the Hebrew phrase kosi r’vaya from the 23rd Psalm. Our spiritual cup often overflows–with joy, with sorrow, with wonder, with worry. What does it mean to live life from a place of abundance and overflowing rather than scarcity and emptiness?