Rev. Jim Magaw

The Journey Toward Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the greatest challenges and most enduring themes of human existence. One way of conceptualizing forgiveness is as a continuum rather than a destination. How can this idea help us be forgiven and forgiving?

Curiosity and Wonder

Curiosity and wonder can be much-needed antidotes to feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Instead of remaining mired in frustration and anger, how might we cultivate a sense of curiosity and a sense of wonder?

Church & All That Jazz

The way we “do church” is different in a larger congregation than it is in a small congregation. This service—which will feature a jazz ensemble—will focus on both the challenges and opportunities of being a church that is growing. Annual Meeting will follow service.

Practice Resurrection

The cycle of the natural world is one of death and resurrection. Everywhere we turn we can see death and rebirth, especially during this time of year. How can we become practitioners of resurrection in our personal lives and in our world?

Passover Journeys

What does it mean to leave everything behind and unexpectedly set out on a journey toward some unknown promised land? How do our own individual journeys relate to the stories of Passover?

The Earth: Whole & Broken

The brokenness of the world is often all too easy to see. At times, it may seem that nothing in world is working as we hope it would. Still, in the midst of all this apparent brokenness, there is wholeness and beauty. How can our appreciation for the earth’s wholeness help us mend its brokenness?

Transgender Day of Visibility

This holiday was founded in 2009 to celebrate transgender people and raise awareness of the discrimination they face worldwide. In this service we will examine what we can do to work for justice for transgender people while becoming a more fully inclusive and welcoming congregation.

A Tale of Two Freds

What are the lessons we can learn from the lives and legacies of Fred Rogers (of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood) and Fred Phelps (of the Westboro Baptist Church)? One was an exemplar of humility and compassion; the other, an infamous purveyor of callous hatred and thoughtless self-aggrandizement. Why does religion seem to create the very best … Continued

No Justice for Antwon Rose

In the wake of Friday’s verdict, we’ll hold a special vespers service on Saturday, March 23, at 5 p.m. to grieve the lack of justice for Antwon Rose and to recommit ourselves to working to end race-based violence. This service will be followed by a potluck supper at 6 p.m.

The Branch Will Not Break

This sermon will explore such questions as: How do we find what we are meant to do, both as individuals and as members of a religious community? And once we have found those things that are most important, how do we go about doing them with joy and courage and invite others to do the … Continued