Rev. Jim Magaw

The Branch Will Not Break

This sermon will explore such questions as: How do we find what we are meant to do, both as individuals and as members of a religious community? And once we have found those things that are most important, how do we go about doing them with joy and courage and invite others to do the … Continued

Prophecy, Poetry, and Bob Dylan

Singer-songwriter and Nobel Poetry Prize-winner Bob Dylan has been one of the leading prophets of our era. His work is rooted in the prophetic tradition of the Hebrew Bible, as well as the parable-telling tradition of the New Testament. This service will explore the work of Dylan in the context of religious truth-telling.

Border Crossing

Every great journey involves crossing borders of some kind—whether geographical, cultural, or intellectual in nature. What is the significance of borders in our personal lives and in the lives of our communities and nations? How do equip ourselves to become border crossers, and how do we welcome others who cross borders?

Intent, Impact, and Polarization

There’s often a big difference between our good intentions and our actual impact on others’ lives—particularly if there is an imbalance between our levels of power, privilege, and influence. How can we work toward aligning our impact with our intentions, especially in our current era of polarization which makes it more difficult to bridge differences?

Faith and Love

Faith is sometimes described as “blind”–as accepting without question a set of propositions or beliefs. But from a liberal religious point of view, faith is more about a commitment to going forward with what we believe to be right while continuing to hold ambiguity, uncertainty and tension. This kind of faith might move us closer … Continued

Trust in an Era of Distrust

Over the past 30-40 years, Americans’ trust in institutions like the government and the church has steadily declined. At the same time, individuals’ trust in each other seems to have eroded as well. Why have we moved from trust to distrust, and what, if anything can be done about it?

Mary Oliver & the Family of Things

Poet Mary Oliver recently died, leaving behind a rich and enduring body of work that is both beautiful and challenging. What is it about her poems that resonates so deeply with so many of us, especially as Unitarian Universalists?

MLK and Racial Barriers: Then and Now

For many people, the election of Barack Obama as president in 2008 seemed to indicate that we as a country were finally living into MLK’s dream of caring more about the content of someone’s character than about the color of their skin. In reality, how close are we to that dream? Or is such an … Continued

Working with What Is

No matter what we want to accomplish, no matter what we want to avoid, no matter what has happened in the past or what we hope will happen in the future—we must begin with what is right here and right now. This sermon explores how we might work to call ourselves back to the present … Continued

Termites, Starlings, and Human Possibility

This sermon will explore what we can we learn from termites and starlings about how human beings might work together differently to create previously unimagined or even unimaginable possibilities.