Rev. Jim Magaw

Bridging Service

Rev. Jim Magaw and Director of Religious Education Jennifer McGlothin are joined by members of the Sunnyhill High School Youth Group for our annual Bridging Service. “Bridging” honors and celebrates the transition from youth to adults of our high school seniors. Join us to mark this important time for these students and their families.

Mercy and Moral Injury

The concept of moral injury has been described as “the damage done to one’s conscience or moral compass when that person perpetrates, witnesses, or fails to prevent acts that transgress their own moral and ethical values or codes of conduct.” How are we seeing this concept play out in our world and what can we … Continued

The Story of Your Life

Often the stories of our lives are not told until after our deaths in the form of eulogies and obituaries. What is the story of your life, and why might it be important to embrace and tell the story now rather than later?

Hope, Fear, and Fatigue

A recent newspaper article described a feeling many of us have had in recent months as “languishing,” which seems an apt descriptor. Fatigued by the pandemic, personal challenges, and political uncertainty, where and how do we find hope and joy?

Pittsburgh Apartheid

While Pittsburgh may be “America’s Most Livable City” for some, it is not for all. In fact, studies of housing, educational outcomes, income, policing, and other issues show that ours is a divided city. How did Pittsburgh become so divided along lines of race, and what can we do about it now?

The Power of Heartbroken Community

Writer Rita Nakashima Brock said: “Broken heartedness, when we can acknowledge it, reveals both the heart’s original grace and its virtually indestructible presence.” What is the power of heartbroken community and how do we tap into it?

Healing Earth

The earth, wounded as it may be, still holds immense healing potential, both for itself and for us. What lessons can we learn from the earth about healing and wholeness? And how are we called to help the earth itself heal?

Forever Becoming

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that every human being has the capacity to bring more love, kindness, creativity and warmth into the world, but circumstances sometimes prevent us from focusing on becoming our best and truest selves. How do we engage in the process of forever becoming?

Rise Again

On this Easter Sunday, we will consider what it means to rise again from the ashes of the spiritual and emotional fires that have been burning as a result of the pandemic and related social, economic and political crises. How will we rise again as individuals and as a religious community?

How to Help the Grieving

Our culture does not deal well with grief. Too often, we deny grief and/or consider it a weakness or a failing. In an era marked by intense grief, how can we best support one another, especially those who are grieving major losses?