Our focus for the 2016-2017 Church Year is Unitarian Universalism. For more information about our yearly themes, click here.

While at the Mt. Lebanon Recreation Center, we have two large rooms for all RE Students.

  • Room 1: The Explorers (PreSchool [age 4] – Grade 3)
  • Room 2: The Creators (Grade 4 and up)

Our general format will be:

  • 10:00 am Service begins, children start in the service
  • 10:15 (ish) The children go to their RE classes across the hall after the Story for all Ages

Once RE Begins:

  • Chalice Lighting for all Students
  • Split into two classes
  • Joys and Sorrows in small groups
  • Begin lesson

At 11:00 we will return to one room, extinguish the chalice, and then be returned to the main room to the parents

The Explorers (Preschool- Grade 3)
This group will be utilizing the lush Mt. Lebanon Park throughout the year while using the curriculum Experiences with the Web of Life. The goal of this curriculum is to “develop awareness of the interdependent web living things and each child’s place within the web of life”. Part of each Sunday morning will be spent outside (rain or shine!), so children must be dressed accordingly!

The Creators (Grade 3 and up)
This group will be using the curriculum “The New You the Creator” combined with “You the Digital Creator”. These selections focus on exploring inner creativity to learn about self and the world. The RE Kids in this group will have a blast creating new things each week.