Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Auction!

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Date(s) - Apr 13, 2019
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills


Service Auction 2019: Basic Information and FAQs so you have a fabulous experience!

Saturday, April 13, 2019. Doors open 5:00 p.m.

There will be raffles, silent auction, party signups, a robust live auction, and dinner!  Feel free to come dressed to reflect the theme (a comfy cardigan–how easy is that?). Wear what makes you feel good for a wonderful evening in our neighborhood!

I’M COMING! HOW DO I RSVP? Please click here to RSVP to the auction.  Let us know how many adults are in your party and if you’re bringing children.  We’ll need your RSVP before April 7.

WHAT SHOULD I DONATE? We hope you will donate an item (or 2 or 3) to the auction!  Not sure of what to donate?  The 2018 Auction Booklet is available online as well as a Donation Ideas handout.  Sunnyhillers especially like parties, dinners, and events. We never seem to have enough!  Make a “trolley stop” by the Auction Table in Fellowship Hall every Sunday following the service for more ideas.

  • Click here to review the 2018 Auction Booklet
  • Click here for the 2019 Donation Ideas handout

HOW DO I LOG IN TO THE AUCTION WEBSITE? Sunnyhill uses a Together Auction website for everything auction-related.  Each congregant and auction attendee must have their own login, which is used to upload donations, itemize purchases, generate invoices, receive communications about events, etc.  VERY IMPORTANT: Verify that your contact information is correct, especially your email address (take note, experienced auction attendees!).  The instructions for signing into the software are online.  Or stop-by the Auction Table in the Fellowship Hall following Sunday services.

  • Click here to go to the Together Auction website
  • Click here for Instructions for Together Auction


Our congregation loves parties and events so we hope you will consider donating one!  When choosing a date, here’s the process:

  • First check the service auction calendar (click here). We want to avoid multiple events on the same date because we want people to sign up for everything and not have to choose!
  • If you want to hold your event at Sunnyhill, next check the Sunnyhill calendar maintained by Roy (click here).
  • Email Roy (admin@sunnyhill.org) and ask him to add your event to the church calendar.  Roy will need to know the total time you need, including time for setting up and cleaning up, and he will need to know what room or rooms you will need.
  • Once you have a firm date, use this date when you enter the event into the auction software.

Very Very Important: Please do not put TBD as an event date, and please do your absolute best not to reschedule events after the service auction. Sunnyhillers bring their calendars to the auction to make sure they sign up for events that fit their calendars. Changing dates after the service auction can create a whole of havoc.

WHAT IS THE COST? The annual service auction is Sunnyhill’s largest fundraiser of the year. The cost to attend is $20/adult, and this includes a delicious dinner (thanks to our Sunnyhill chef extraordinaire, Will Page), dessert, and two drink tickets. There is no obligation to bid on or purchase auction items. No need to bring money on April 13th.  After the auction, you will receive by April 20 an itemized invoice for your auction purchases. Your invoice will include the cost of the dinner. There is no need to bring money to the auction.

CAN I BRING MY CHILDREN? Yes!  Children ages 4 and younger will be in the nursery, and older children will be downstairs. All the kids will enjoy a pizza dinner. Childcare and dinner are free.

WILL IT BE A “GREEN” EVENING IN THE SUNNYHILL NEIGHBORHOOD? You bet! It’s a BYO Dishes event! We are asking every attendee to “pack in” their own dishes, silverware, cups, glasses, and napkins. If you are bringing children, please pack for them, too. After the auction, please “pack out” your items to wash at home. Our kitchen clean-up crew will only be responsible for washing serving dishes, etc.

GIFT BASKET INFO Gift baskets are a great way to participate and donate to the auction! Collaborate with others or do it solo – either way, baskets are fun to make while raising a lot of money for the church. How can I donate a basket, you say? It’s easy!

  1. Think of a basket theme
  2. Refer to the Basket Basics for FAQs, theme ideas, and “need-by” dates
  3. Decide if you want to do it on your own or invite others to participate – committees, chalice circles, RE classes, groups of friends
  4. Collect items, let us know your basket theme/description, and upload to the auction website before March 31st 
  5. Bring the basket to Sunnyhill on Sunday April 7th


  • Feb. 24 and March 24: Auction 101 – Introductory Session and Q&A. What’s all this auction excitement about?  Join us in the Red Oak Room following the Sunday service to find out why the auction is the most anticipated event of the year at Sunnyhill!  You’ll be able to RSVP, figure out donation ideas, and get your login for the auction software.  We especially welcome those newer congregants to Sunnyhill who haven’t attended the auction before.
  • March 24: Donations of gift cards and gift basket items must be brought to church today! If you’re donating items to be used in a basket, please bring to Sunnyhill no later than March 24 as our basket-assembly team will begin to sort and organize donations for baskets.
    • Click here for gift basket ideas and inspirations!
  • March 31. Donations must be uploaded to Auction Together website. Donations received after March 31 will not be listed in the auction booklet. VERY IMPORTANT: Gift baskets must be uploaded by March 31 even though assembly of the basket may take place after March 31.
    • Click here to go to the Together Auction website
    • Click here for Instructions for Together Auction
  • April 6 or 7 (exact date TBA): Gift Basket Wrap Party. If you are donating a gift basket but need some help with assembly, Tanya Broaded and Mary Alice Chaffin are available to help. Cellophane, ribbon, and helpers will be on-hand.
  •  April 7. Attendance RSVP deadline. Auction booklet available on the Sunnyhill website. We will print a very small number of booklets.
    • Click here to RSVP to the auction.
  • April 12. Deliver  physical donations to Sunnyhill.


Questions?  We’re in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday after the service.  Or contact Elizabeth, Margaret, and Nanette at serviceauction@sunnyhill.org