New “Share the Plate” Program

Last year, Sunnyhill raised more than $5,000 for social justice and charitable organizations in the larger community through our designated offering program. For quite some time, we have had designated offerings once or twice a month to benefit organizations aligned with our congregation’s values.

This year, we will be shifting from designated offerings to a “Share the Plate” program, in which 50 percent of all non-pledge collections each and every Sunday will be given to one of our social justice partner organizations. The other 50 percent of non-pledge collections will benefit Sunnyhill. Each month, we will feature one partner organization which will be our “Share the Plate” beneficiary for the entire month.

This new program will enable us to give even more to partner organizations in the community while still supporting our own congregation. Congregations that have implemented this program have found that overall giving has increased as a result.


February 2024: Western PA Fund for Choice

Abortion is essential reproductive healthcare and there are an ever-increasing number of barriers to women and people seeking safe, compassionate abortion care in the Western PA region. Western PA Fund for Choice helps clients pay for their abortion services, their transportation, and other costs associated with accessing abortion services in our region.

January 2024: Afro-American Music Institute

The Afro-American Music Institute (AAMI) is a Pittsburgh-based organization dedicated to promoting the arts. It has nurtured thousands of musicians through an educational curriculum designed by Dr. James T. Johnson, Jr.. AAMI helps students realize their potential through learning that embraces music from the African Diaspora. While mainly serving students from African American communities, a wide variety of students from various ethnic groups also attend.

Update: $1,459.90 was raised for AAMI in January 2024!