The Sunnyhill Board of Trustees has been considering a capital campaign to help pay off the church’s construction debt and to renovate, rebuild or replace the older parts of the building. Here you will find the latest information on where we are in the process. This page will be updated regularly, with the newest information appearing at the top. All information is subject to change based on decisions from the congregation or other circumstances.

May 2024

Presentation from Sunday, May 19th: Proposed Building Plans

Estimates and Drawings are available below:

Estimates of Options 240405

First Floor Option A 2024-04-05

Basement Option A 2024-04-05

April 2024

The Vote to move forward with a capital campaign will take place at the Annual Meeting on April 14, 2024. UUCSH Members will receive voting details via email.

March 2024

March 27 Notice from the Beat

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the proposed capital campaign information session this past Sunday, March 24! There were many helpful questions and comments—all of which will be taken into account as we discern our next steps as a congregation. If you are a member and weren’t able to participate, please look in your email box later this week for a link to a recording of the meeting. Also, please stay tuned for more capital campaign information and follow-up sessions. Thanks again to everyone for your involvement and engagement!

March 24, 2024 Presentation

Rachael Beam Remarks 2024-03-24

Sunnyhill Capital Campaign QA Summary 2024-03-24

John Armstrong Remarks 2024-03-24 (Corresponds with Photo Presentation below)

Photo Presentation