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“Seasons of Fun” Social Event Sign Up

Sunday, May 1, 2022 following the Service

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Sunnyhill Auction FAQ’s 2022 Edition

What is the plan for the 2022 Service Auction?!

The Sunnyhill Service Auction will take place live this year, at the church, (if the Covid situation permits) in September. So start thinking now about what items or services you might donate. But in the meantime, after a long, cold winter, we’re ready NOW to socialize and celebrate a return to (the new) normal!

On Sunday, May 1, we’ll have a separate event to sign up for Spring and Summer parties, dinners, and other social events. So mark your calendar now to stick around after the service to sign up for the events you want… But first we need some parties to choose from!
Please consider donating a party, dinner or other social event such as a hike, tour, class or lesson.

We’ll have a table in Fellowship Hall after Sunday services beginning later in March to accept your events, but in the meantime, if you have a party in mind, or just need some ideas, email Nanette Miller (nanoo52@gmail.com). We’ll need all Spring and Summer (through September) party submissions by April 17th. Remember, sign-ups begin on Sunday, May1, after the service and will take place live at the church.


How do I log into the auction website?

Sunnyhill uses Together Auction website for everything auction-related.  Each congregant and auction attendee must have their own log-in which is used to upload your service or party donation, itemize your purchases, generate an invoice, receive communications about events you sign-up for, etc.  It’s important to make sure that your contact information is correct, especially your email address.  Click here for the instructions for signing into the auction software.  Or stop-by the Auction Table in the Fellowship Hall following Sunday services.


How do I schedule an event?

Our congregation loves parties and events so we hope you will consider donating one!  When choosing a date, first and foremost check the service auction calendar so that you don’t overlap with another event.

Want to hold your event at Sunnyhill?  No problem!

  1. Check Sunnyhill’s public calendar to see what dates are available
  2. Email Roy, the church administrator and ask him to schedule your event on the church calendar. Include set-up time, clean-up time, and which room you want.
  3. Use this date when you input your event description in the auction software. Do it quickly so that someone else doesn’t snag your date!

Please do not put TBD as an event date, and please do your absolute best to not reschedule events after March 28.  Congregants bring their calendar to the auction to make sure they can attend.  Let’s respect one another’s schedules.


What is the cost to attend the in person Service Auction.

Seasons of Fun Social Events Sign Up- Free to Sign Up, just pay the event cost!

The annual service auction is the church’s largest fundraiser of the year, yet the cost to attend is only $20/adult!  This includes a tantalizing small plates dinner (thanks to our Sunnyhill chef extraordinaire Will Page), dessert, two drink tickets, and admission to the finest Sunnyhill social event of the year!  No need to bring money to the event. After the auction, we will create an invoice for your auction purchases which will be emailed to you.

Can I bring my children to the in person Service Auction?

Yes!  And better yet, they will have their own “party” separate from the auction!  Ages 4 and below will be in the nursery.  Older children will be downstairs.  They’ll be served pizza for dinner… all at no cost; babysitting and pizza are free. High School Youth are invited to either participate in the auction (at a reduced student rate of $10 per youth) or help with the children downstairs.

How can I help Sunnyhill stay GREEN during the in person Auction?

BYO Dishes, of course!  In our continuing effort to keep Sunnyhill green, we are asking all auction attendees to “pack-in / pack-out”.  Please bring your own dishes, silverware, and cups and take them with you when you leave.  The planet thanks you, Sunnyhill thanks you, and the kitchen clean-up crew thanks you!


Email: serviceauction@sunnyhill.org