December 2017

As you may have noticed, there’s a lot going on at Sunnyhill these days! Since moving back into our newly rebuilt and remodeled church building, we have hit the ground running with a number of new programs, activities and events.

In bygone days, when the congregation held just three or four major events each year, it was fairly easy to keep track of what was going on. But now, with multiple big events each month, it might seem overwhelming. So, how are you to keep up with what’s happening at Sunnyhill? There are actually several ways:

• Read the BEAT (which you’re doing right now!). Pretty much everything that goes on at Sunnyhill is listed in the BEAT. Even though it’s sometimes lengthy, the BEAT is still the best source of information about what’s happening at Sunnyhill.
• Check out our Facebook page and “like” it (if you’re on Facebook). Our Facebook page is very active these days and includes most, if not all, of our events and activities. We often share other news related to Sunnyhill here as well.
• Pick up one of our event calendars at the membership table in the fellowship hall. Every two to three months, we put out a calendar that lists all of the special events that are taking place at the church.
• Look at the announcements on the screens in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Before each service, we run a slideshow that lists upcoming events, including what’s happening immediately after the service.
• Watch for announcements in the order of service. Starting in December, we will list upcoming events in the printed order of service that is passed out each Sunday.

Because there is so much going on at Sunnyhill (which is a good thing), you might need to work a little harder to keep up with what’s happening. And you will not be able to attend every Sunnyhill event, which is fine. But I urge you to keep up so that you are better informed and can inform others as well.

Thanks for all that each and every one of you does to make Sunnyhill such a great place!

–Rev. Jim Magaw


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