LifeCraft resumes on Sunday, August 27. Classes begin at 11:15.

Date Choir Rm. Red Oak Rm.
08/27  Current Events  
09/03  Science & Spirituality  
09/10  Current Events  Poetry
09/17    Pagan Spirituality
09/24  Current Events  
10/01  Science & Spirituality  
10/08  Current Events  Poetry
10/15    Pagan Spirituality
10/22  Current Events  
11/05  Science & Spirituality  
11/12  Current Events  Poetry
11/19    Pagan Spirituality
11/26  Current Events  
12/03  Science & Spirituality  
12/10  Current Events  Poetry
12/17    Pagan Spirituality


Current Events

Randy Bellamy, contact
We are a group that welcomes all people wishing to exchange views on any and all topics arising in the news. Participants may state personal views without fear of censorship. At each meeting we take a poll to see which topics are of greatest interest to the greatest number of participants.


Barbara McCracken, contact
Aside from the numerous health benefits, meditation can help us become more skilled at navigating life, thus less likely to be tossed about by the winds of fate. All are welcome to join. We begin promptly at 10:30 every Sunday during the church year. The meditation is followed with a short period for reflection and discussion.

Pagan Spirituality

Katie Keane, contact
During the LifeCraft hour, members of the Spiritways CUUPS Leadership Team conduct the spirituality of many paths of the Pagan reading. The hour includes practice and discussion. Spiritways helps interested Members and Friends and visitors to Sunnyhill deepen their understanding of Pagan spirituality.


Dean Hazelton, contact
If you like poetry, please come and share some of your favorite poems and poets with us. Some of our meetings are organized by subject and others are dedicated to the work of specific poets. We have only two ironclad rules: we read all poems aloud, and we read only good poetry. We especially welcome poetry written by members of the group.

Science & Spirituality

Larry Comden, Contact
Explore technical and scientific topics and discuss possible relationships between spirituality and evolving scientific knowledge. This group’s members always propose and vote on the roster of topics for the year and based on their vote the annual agenda is formed.