2016-17 Update: While the building is under construction we will bAnne's Card finale meeting three times a month. Please see Jen McGlothin for the upcoming schedule or email Jen at dre@sunnyhill.org. Please see below for a description of last year’s programming!

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2016-17 Youth Group Advisors:

  • Jay Pullen
  • Chetan Chothani
  • Ali Cottom


2015-2016 Youth Group Curriculum (grades 9-12)

This vibrant program has a number of components: education, community service, leadership skills, spiritual growth and development, and social activities. During the year, Youth Group activities include participation in local, cluster, and district Unitarian Universalist Youth-Adult Committee functions, overnights (a.k.a. lock-ins) at Sunnyhill, social functions, and community service projects. The curricula for 2015-2016 is Heeding the Call: Qualities of a Justicemaker and Virtue Ethics: An Ethical Development Program for High School Youth. Both of these selections are from the UUA Tapestry of Faith.  They will focus on the ethical side of social justice (Why should we help?) and then how to proactively become justice seekers and makers. A group of caring adults function as the advisory team for the Youth Group. All current high school students up to age 19 are encouraged to participate. Parents must sign a registration form before a student can participate in Youth Group activities. The Youth Group, with their advisers, host an Italian Dinner in February. Sunnyhill is turned into an Italian bistro, upstairs and down. Excellent food, candlelight, music — a perfect evening out for couples, family, and friends. The funds raised by this event help to support youth programming at Sunnyhill and special service projects such as investments with KIVA, a non-profit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty; NEED, committed to unlocking the power of education by helping youth meet their highest potential and enhance their quality of life, thereby strengthening the Pittsburgh regional economy; the March of Dimes; and Habitat For Humanity. The Youth Group prepares and leads the service on the first Sunday in June. The service includes a bridging ceremony for graduating high school seniors.

Claire Pullen created this rendering of the Youth Group as a going away gift for leader Anne Brannen (April 2014).