What is Sunnyhill Coffeehouse?
The Sunnyhill Coffeehouse is an all-ages event where our sanctuary is transformed into an ultra-hip performance space featuring acts of all kinds. It’s a chance for fellowship, where you can sit back and enjoy a cup of Fair Trade joe, buy some home-baked treats, and watch our very own version of Sunnyhill’s Got Talent. You can also lend your talents if you like! See the sign-up info.

Who is Sunnyhill Coffeehouse for?
Coffeehouse for EVERYONE! Every single Sunnyhiller (and your friends) are invited to attend this fabulous evening of entertainment.

When is Sunnyhill Coffeehouse?
Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 6:30-8:30 pm. Doors open at 6 pm.

Why should I come to Sunnyhill Coffeehouse?
Because you’ll have an incredible evening! And you’ll be supporting the 2024 Coming of Age class as well as our Youth Group, who sponsor the event annually. They will transform the worship space into a performance stage and coffee bar. Your admission fee ($10/person, $20/family) and purchase of baked goods helps to fund the COA to Youth Bridging Retreat, taking place in the Laurel Highlands this May.

I want to come to Sunnyhill Coffeehouse! What do I do? Do I need to rsvp?
Just show up at Sunnyhill on March 16, by 6:30 pm and enjoy the show! RSVP is only needed for performers.