June 2023 Events

Pittsburgh Pride June 3, Lineup Begins at 10 am Join Your UU Friends at Pride on June 3! — The parade kicks off from 11th St. and Liberty Avenue downtown (at the Greyhound Bus station) at noon. The lineup will be between 10 a.m. and noon and will run from 11th and Liberty back to … Continued

Academy Concerts has teamed with Sunnyhill for a 2022-23 concert series! Enjoy wonderful music throughout the year at Sunnyhill! First up on July 26 at 7:30 p.m. is Miguel Espinoza Fusion, a quartet that twists jazz, flamenco, Cuban and classical Indian musical forms into intoxicating journeys that thrill audiences. Miguel Espinoza Fusion has recorded and … Continued

Owen Chaffin Eagle Scout Service Project

Hello Sunnyhillers! I’m Owen Chaffin, a member of the Sunnyhill Youth Group. I am also a member of Scouts BSA South Park Troop 510. I am working on my Eagle Scout service project which will benefit the Pittsburgh Prison Book Project, a project of the Thomas Merton Center. They are a great local organization that … Continued

COVID19 Updates

The UUCSH Board is committed to the following principles when considering the health and safety of the congregation: (1) decisions are rooted in the values of inclusion and consent; (2) follow the science; (3) go slow and be flexible; and (4) be realistic with expectations of ourselves and others. Plan for Phased Lifting of Covid … Continued

Sunnyhill at Home

Sunnyhill COVID19 Response Sunday Services This Service will be streamed via Facebook Live and uploaded  here. Order of Service 03/29/20 Sunnyhill Facebook Page Sunnyhill YouTube Channel Submit a Joy/Sorrow Give Online Religious Education Details Here Staying Connected If you are in need of any special support (spiritual, emotional, or physical), please let us know. If … Continued