Thank you! I don’t say it often enough, but I feel it and think it all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you, Sunnyhill, for being you, for being the loving, compassionate, justice-seeking community that you are and for living your values every day within our congregation and in the larger world.

Thank you, church leaders and members of various committees and teams who work so hard and so conscientiously week after week to make our church what it is.

Thank you, everyone who works behind the scenes, doing so many small and unglamorous but incredibly important tasks—cleaning, repairing, organizing, mowing, moving, weeding, painting—that must be done and, without which, we could not function.

Thank you, New Home Committee and Construction Team. Your work has turned a kernel of an idea into a beautiful, concrete, brick-and-mortar reality—what an amazing achievement!

Thank you, capital campaign team and stewardship team, for making the dreams of this congregation come true.

Thank you, staff members, whose hard work and willingness to go the extra mile—especially during this past year of disruption and transition—has kept this church humming and thriving.

Thank you, chalice circle facilitators, RE teachers, advisers and mentors, Lifecraft group leaders, worship team members, musicians and choir members, social justice team members, caring committee members, adult RE team members, communication team members, and all others who are so dedicated to Sunnyhill.

Thank you, board members, for your incredibly hard work over the past few years, for making some challenging decisions, and for leading during a time of tremendous change.

Thank you, anyone whom I have forgotten or omitted, for your patience and forbearance and for working without any public recognition.

Thank you, each and every member and friend of Sunnyhill, for loving this community and for participating and supporting it so well and so generously.

Together, we are building a community of compassion and justice, within our walls and beyond.

Thank you!

–Rev. Jim Magaw