Presented December 12, 2017. YTD November 30, 2017.

  1. Excluding Capital Campaign finances, the Church generated an operating net profit of $28,365 on revenues of $323,264.87 during the 11 months ended 11/30/17. Please note, the YTD net profit includes a non-cash depreciation expense of $10,425.25. Excluding depreciation, the Church generated a net profit of $38,790.25.
  2. Year-to-date pledges exceed budget by $1,417.65 and pledges in the comparable period by $14,093.
  3. As of 11/30/17, the Church had an operating cash balance of $105,915.63 (both the PNC and HNB checking accounts) compared to current liabilities of $44,057.83, which includes accounts payable of $2,311.16 and accrued interest payable of $2,069.31.

Respectfully Submitted,

Regina Yankie, Treasurer