Rev. Jim Magaw

Freedom and Liberation

MLK famously said: “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” What King was describing was the idea of collective liberation. How might we implement this idea in our own time?

Does the Bible Matter?

A reflection on why it is important for religious liberals to study the Bible. Hint: it’s not just to have fodder to use against the fundamentalists. It has to do with being both rooted and open. Aware of where we come from, with the willingness to be transformed by what we find in what might … Continued

Christmas Eve

This service will be an intergenerational, family-­friendly event featuring music from our children, youth and others, as well as stories and a brief re­enactment of the Nativity. 

Longest Night

The holidays are not always as cheerful as we might pretend. In fact, this time of year often brings painful memories and a profound sense of loss. This special service is for anyone who is struggling during this holiday season. 


Why is the ritual of lighting a candle or lamp (or chalice) so powerful? What does this simple act accomplish, and how does it connect us with others? What does it signify for us? We will explore these questions by means of several stories from the Jewish tradition in preparation for Hanukkah, which begins later … Continued

Music of the Season

This service will include holiday-themed music from various Sunnyhill members and friends, including the choir and other individuals and groups of all ages and many different styles. Come celebrate music and the season!

Reverence, Wonder and Awe

The Christian liturgical season of Advent is meant to be a time of reflection and experiencing reverence, wonder and awe. Rather than hurrying through this time of year in a mad rush of consumption and exhaustion, how might we make room for quiet reflection?

A Day of Mourning and Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is always important, especially in challenging times when gratitude can sometimes be eclipsed by a sense of impending doom. At the same time, we must not turn away from the reality that a time of thanksgiving for some is a time of mourning for others. How do we hold together these two realities?

Refuge & Resistance

In the wake of the elections, it is good to have this church as a place where we can draw strength from one another and where we can work to build resistance to the prevailing culture of fear and hatred in which we currently find ourselves. How might we continue to be a place of … Continued

Shallows and Depths

One of the primary goals of religion is to take us from the profane shallows to the sacred depths of life. How do we undertake this challenging spiritual journey, which sometimes mirrors the path of ever-deepening relationships with life partners and close friends?