Resilience: Turning from Negative to Positive

A positive attitude is something that can be cultivated and can make a big difference in becoming more resilient, both on the individual and community levels. How do we make this switch without becoming Pollyanna-like or irrelevant and in denial of reality?

This Sunday, our offering will benefit PIIN (Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network), our primary social justice partner organization in the city of Pittsburgh. PIIN’s executive director Jamaal Craig will be with us to speak briefly about PIIN and how we can support their work. He will also stay after the service to answer questions and to spend some time with our high school youth group. In addition to the designated offering, we will also be selling tickets to PIIN’s annual banquet taking place on April 15.

If giving by check please make the check payable to UUCSH and put PIIN or Designated Offering in the memo line.