From a Childhood Faith to an Adult’s Beliefs

Kristen, a graduate of Rev. Magaw’s sermon writing class, shares the religious path that led her to Sunnyhill. Kristen says, “Like many, I was a faithful child, but grew disillusioned with age. This sermon is how found a gateway to belief in the power and glory of human connections, empathy, and love.”

Renewing (and Complexifying) Our Faith

In a time when organized religion is either transforming or dying, each faith tradition—including Unitarian Universalism—must engage in a process of re-defining and renewing our faith and including the complexities of multiple perspectives, especially those perspectives that have often been ignored or overlooked.

Renewed and Exhausted

Under normal circumstances, summer is a time of relaxation and renewal for most people so we can start the new school year and church year feeling at least somewhat refreshed. However, amid the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic and the upcoming election (among other things), is it possible to feel simultaneously renewed and exhausted? … Continued

Stories and Songs of Labor

In celebration of Labor Day weekend, we’ll be singing songs about work and about the American labor movement as we reflect on the meaning and nature of work. In what ways have working conditions improved and in what ways have things started to regress? And what can be done to improve work for all?

What is Unitarian Universalism?

Unitarian Universalism is sometimes wrongly described as not having its own theology. Although it’s true that there is a great deal of theological diversity within our congregations, we do have our own unique theology—both historically and contemporarily. This service will provide an overview of Unitarian Universalist theology and why it is important to us and … Continued


In a world where everyone seems to be shouting, have we forgotten how to listen? Or have we ever really known how to listen well? Why is this skill critically important, and what can we do to improve our listening–both to one another and to the many sounds that surround us? This service will address … Continued

Why I Am a Christian (and a Humanist and Maybe a Heretic)

Being a part of a non-creedal faith, does not mean that we can believe whatever we want—nor does it mean that we believe nothing at all. Rather, it means that we arrive at our own beliefs and religious identities through what Ralph Waldo Emerson called “life passed through the fire of thought.” In this sermon, … Continued

Pandemic Heroes or Unwilling Martyrs?

While some people are being hailed as heroes of the pandemic (food service people, medical and healthcare personnel, teachers, delivery people, etc.), they may more accurately be called unwilling martyrs. What is our responsibility toward those among us whose sacrifices and risks are much higher than what many others face?

Weaponized Kindness: Hopepunk and U(U)

This sermon will be delivered by Sunnyhill member Claire Pullen, a recent participant in Rev. Magaw’s sermon writing class. In a world turned upside down by a global pandemic, a government-sanctioned resurgence of white supremacist ideology, and a climate crisis, we need an optimism that acknowledges the world’s faults and demands we work to make … Continued

Finding Peace through Meaning

This sermon will be delivered by Sunnyhill member Ed Johnston, a recent participant in Rev. Magaw’s sermon writing class. In today’s world of pandemic and so much stimulation, drama, anger, and meanness, how do we cope with anxiety? Ed will give personal reflections on how seeking peace through meaning has helped him.