Reverence, Wonder and Awe

The Christian liturgical season of Advent is meant to be a time of reflection and experiencing reverence, wonder and awe. Rather than hurrying through this time of year in a mad rush of consumption and exhaustion, how might we make room for quiet reflection?

The Blessings of Imperfection

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to recognize that we give thanks–not always for exactly what we want, but rather for what we have received. The two are seldom the same. Imperfections in DNA are largely responsible for evolution, or so wrote Dr. Ursala Goodenough–yes, that’s her name–in one of the best books for understanding how … Continued

A Day of Mourning and Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is always important, especially in challenging times when gratitude can sometimes be eclipsed by a sense of impending doom. At the same time, we must not turn away from the reality that a time of thanksgiving for some is a time of mourning for others. How do we hold together these two realities?

Refuge & Resistance

In the wake of the elections, it is good to have this church as a place where we can draw strength from one another and where we can work to build resistance to the prevailing culture of fear and hatred in which we currently find ourselves. How might we continue to be a place of … Continued

Shallows and Depths

One of the primary goals of religion is to take us from the profane shallows to the sacred depths of life. How do we undertake this challenging spiritual journey, which sometimes mirrors the path of ever-deepening relationships with life partners and close friends?

All Souls

In the Christian tradition, All Souls Day has been a time to remember everyone who has died, everyone who has been part of the gathered community. The phrase “All Souls” has a particularly Unitarian connotation because of something that one of our own “saints,” William Ellery Channing, said: “I am a living member of the … Continued

Defying Hate, Then and Now

Several years ago, a Ken Burns documentary, “Defying Hate,” examined the courageous work of Unitarians Waitstill and Martha Sharp, who helped rescue hundreds of imperiled political dissidents and Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazi occupation in Europe. What does it mean to defy hate in our own time, and how do we go about this vital … Continued

Whole and Brokenhearted

Writer Rita Nakashima Brock said: “Broken heartedness, when we can acknowledge it, reveals both the heart’s original grace and its virtually indestructible presence.” How can we become more whole through our brokenheartedness?

The Book of Job Revisited

The Biblical story of Job resonates deeply with our time as we experience various trials and tribulations–seemingly without end. How can an understanding of Job’s story help us understand our own predicament and chart a path forward?

Why Fascism Is Wrong

With the rise of authoritarianism and neo-fascism not just among fringe groups but also in mainstream politics, it is important to understand and articulate the moral argument against fascism. This service will explore Unitarian Universalism’s historic and contemporary commitment to anti-fascism.