The RE Committee, which includes the DRE, is primarily responsible for establishing a curriculum plan to support the goals of the program and reviewing it annually to include new materials, writing the program budget, writing appropriate policies, and working with the minister, DRE, and administrator on calendar scheduling.


The Religious Education Committee has the responsibility of planning and supervising the religious education program of the church. Duties may include:

Formulate goals and objectives of the religious education program. Look for ways to integrate into the children’s program the congregation’s goals in other areas, such as social justice, anti-oppression, music, etc.

Determine policies on:

  • Enrollment procedures
  • Age ranges and logical groupings
  • Safety and play regulations
  • The role of parent participation
  • Ways the minister can work with the children

Establish the religious education program by:

  • Reviewing current education materials
  • Determining the curriculum
  • Scheduling special events

Select and train teaching staff:

  • Maintain Sunday-to-Sunday contact with teachers by having committee members act as coordinators
  • Plan regular feedback and evaluation of the program by parents, teachers, and the children
  • Plan ways to appreciate teachers and other volunteers in the program

Maintain communication with the total church community:

  • Communicate with parents regarding religious education activities
  • Assisting with intergenerational events, such as Harvest Fest and Mystery Friends

For more information or to join the RE Committee, contact Jen McGlothin, Director of Religious Education at