Congregational Stewardship Q&A

Why do we pledge?  This church belongs to each of us.  We pledge to fund the daily operations and to ensure that the church and its resources are here for us and for others now and in the future.

What is the money used for?  Pledge and other revenue sources (rental, investment, fundraising, donations) support our worship and music programs, our religious education program, programs for members and friends, community outreach, and connections to Unitarian Universalism.  Our budget reflects our mission and vision.

Is pledging a requirement of membership?  We expect that those who benefit from the church and participate in activities will share in its financial upkeep.  Some members are able to pledge more, others less, but we can all share in supporting our church. Members are expected to share their time, talent, and treasure with the Sunnyhill community.

Should everyone pledge the same amount?  We place a high value on diversity in our congregation—diverse views, backgrounds, and experiences.  Included in this diversity is a diversity of economic circumstances.  All of us support our church at individual financial levels.

How much should I pledge?  Plan to contribute a percentage of your annual income.  The Fair Share Giving Guidelines suggest what you might give.

What about the money I put in the collection plate?  Some people use the Sunday offering to make their pledge payments.  As long as the offering can be associated with you, e.g. your personal check, whatever you put in the offering will be counted toward your pledge (unless specifically designated in the memo line for a seperate purpose).

What if my financial circumstances change during the year, if I lose my job or have a financial emergency?  Lives are not static. Contact Rev. Jim if you need to adjust your pledge.

What is tithing?  Tithing is giving ten percent of income to support a church.  Many UU churches ask their members for a “UU Tithe” — 5% to support the church, and another 5% to charitable organizations.

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Source: Patricia Manley, (, Adapted by the Sunnyhill Stewardship Team