Who is invited to create an account?
At this time, all UUCSH members and friends are invited to create a Breeze account.

Why should I create an account?
This is the most up to date resource for membership information at UUCSH. This is where we store directory information, RE class attendance, and track pledges. You can personally use it to find contact information of other Sunnyhill members and friends (a church directory), update your personal contact information, and to stay up to date on your financial contributions to UUCSH.

What information can other members and friends see?
Other UUCSH members and friends can see (not edit) your name, address, email address, phone number, family members, skills, and interests.

What if I do not want to make this information available to other members of UUCSH?
After creating an account, you can click a box “make private” after each contact section (after clicking “show more options”).

How do I add an image?
Images are encouraged! Click on the silhouette to add a picture! Some Religious Education images have already been added to help with the increasing attendance. Feel free to overwrite those images. 

How do I make a contribution online via Breeze?
See this link.