Trusting the Way Forward

In our current era, it is easy to lose our way amidst the sometimes overwhelming and painful chaos and confusion in our world. If we no longer have trust in our major institutions, what do we trust in and how does it help us move forward rather than staying stuck where we are?


Border Crossing

Every great journey involves crossing borders of some kind—whether geographical, cultural, or intellectual in nature. What is the significance of borders in our personal lives and in the lives of our communities and nations? How do equip ourselves to become border-crossers, and how do we welcome others who cross borders?

The Branch Will Not Break

This sermon will explore such questions as: How do we find what we are meant to do, both as individuals and as members of a religious community? And once we have found those things that are most important, how do we go about doing them with joy and courage and invite others to do the same?

Prophecy, Poetry, and Bob Dylan

Singer-songwriter and Nobel Poetry Prize-winner Bob Dylan has been one of the leading prophets of our era. His work is rooted in the prophetic tradition of the Hebrew Bible, as well as the parable-telling tradition of the New Testament. This service will explore the work of Dylan in the context of religious truth-telling.

The Journey Toward Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the greatest challenges and most enduring themes of human existence. One way of conceptualizing forgiveness is as a continuum rather than a destination. How can this idea help us be more forgiven and forgiving?

What Now? What Next? About UUPLAN

UUPLAN promotes UU values to policy makers to advance just legislation, as well as advocating for fairness and transparency in the democratic process. Learn more about how you can be involved. Guest speaker is Richard Williams, Director of the UU Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN).