Trusting the Call

In our current era, it is easy to lose our way amidst the sometimes overwhelming and painful chaos and confusion in our world. It is important in times like these to remember what we are called to do and the place where the world’s needs and our passions intersect.

Only the Lonely

It’s essential for humans to live in connection with one another in order to survive. How does current society promote or put roadblocks on connectedness? Jean will share thoughts and experiences on the importance of living and thriving together.

Great Expectations

According to recent studies, peoples’ expectations effect the outcomes of challenging situations, like looking for a job, taking a test or having surgery. While positive expectations are associated with positive outcomes, positive fantasies are not. What are our expectations for our church, our lives, and our world?

The Prophetic Imperative

We live in an era that screams out for prophets—people who not only expose the evils of society but also offer a vision of hope and healing. How do we embody the prophetic vision and prophetic voice right now, right here?

Not the Life You Expected

Sometimes our expectations are thwarted and we find ourselves in vastly different situations than we had imagined or hoped for. How are we to deal with expectations that do not come to pass or lead us in directions that we had not anticipated or desired?

What Now? What’s Next?

Amidst the current political turmoil, Richard Williams, director of Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN) will present simple steps to a more just and peaceful world. He will also offer thoughts about the current political climate, the spirituality of hospitality and the spirituality of advocacy.