Practice Resurrection

The cycle of the natural world is one of death and resurrection. Everywhere we turn we can see death and rebirth, especially during this time of year. How can we become practitioners of resurrection in our personal lives and in our world?

How & Why We Do Church

The way we “do church” is different in a larger congregation than it is in a small congregation. This service—which will feature a jazz ensemble—will focus on both the challenges and opportunities of being a church that is growing. Annual Meeting will follow service.

Coming of Age Service

Credo is a Latin word, which is generally translated as “I believe,” but its literal meaning is closer to “what I set my heart to.” Sunnyhill’s Coming of Age (COA) class will share what is close to their hearts in this service, which is a capstone of the COA curriculum.

The Interdependent Web and Us

Our seventh UU Principle affirms the “interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part.” What, exactly, is our part in the interdependent web, and how can we better live into our covenant with the earth and all of nature?

The Journey Toward Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the greatest challenges and most enduring themes of human existence. One way of conceptualizing forgiveness is as a continuum rather than a destination. How can this idea help us be forgiven and forgiving?