Healing and Change

One of the most powerful aspects of many contemporary social movements—including #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and the March for Our Lives—is the way in which they are fueled by grief, but transform that grief into action. How do we go about the process of healing through change?


God Is Love

One of the most radical statements in the Christian gospels is expressed in three simple words: God is love. What are the real implications of conceptualizing of God not as some distant all-powerful being but rather as something familiar and down-to-earth that manifests itself in countless life-sustaining, life-affirming ways?


Patriotism and Nationalism

In recent decades, we have seen the rise of a new “religious” nationalism that presents itself in the guise of particular brand of “patriotism.” As members of a religious community, we are guided by values that transcend national interests, so it is important to examine the difference between true patriotism (a noble virtue) and nationalism (a dangerous socio-political doctrine).


The Vision and the Voyage

As we begin a new church year, what is the vision that we have for our church and for our community? How do we hold onto this vision while in the midst of the often rocky voyages of our lives?


Are We Doomed?

It might be too late to stop or even slow down the global environmental catastrophe that looms in our future. If it really is too late and we are doomed, what difference would it make in how we live our lives?


The Vision of Unitarian Universalism

Unitarianism and Universalism, as they developed in nineteenth-century America, presented particular visions for what the world could be like. What is the current day vision of Unitarian Universalism for our world, and how do we put forth this vision?


Vision and Prophecy

Prophets are almost never popular. But every era needs tellers of the hard truth about what they see in society. The prophetic vision is a necessary part of transformation—either personally or on a larger scale. How will we respond to today’s prophets?