Over the past couple of years, we have been fortunate enough to welcome many new members to Sunnyhill-which is a sign that we are doing something right and that our presence is needed! Lately on Sunday mornings, I’ve heard some of you asking questions like, “Who are all these new people?”

I would suggest that you find out who they are by introducing yourselves to them and welcoming them warmly-as you yourself have been welcomed at Sunnyhill. Unless you are one of our founding members, every person in our congregation was at one point or another one of those “new people.”

As a church, each new member makes us stronger because each person who comes through the door changes who we are, brings unique perspectives and skills, offers new ideas, and strengthens our community. Our goal is not to assimilate new members but to make space for them and to be changed by their presence.

Sunnyhill is and always has been a truly warm and welcoming place committed to compassion and justice both within our walls and beyond. As we continue to grow together, I have no doubt that we’ll continue to be such a place for all who share this journey with us.

–Rev. Jim Magaw