The preferred transaction methods for the Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills (UUCSH) are cash or check. However, as a courtesy to members and visitors, we will accept payment by credit card for some goods and services. As selling goods and services is not part of the regular business of UUCSH, we do have to include a service fee on all credit card transactions. The fee schedule is as follows:

Purchase of Tangible Goods (such as chocolate or t-shirts)

  • Purchases $10.00 or less: $0.50
  • Purchases from $10.01 to $25.00: $1.00
  • Purchases from $25.01 or greater: $2.00

Purchase of Tickets to Public Events
UUCSH encourages patrons to use Brown Paper Tickets if they wish to use a credit card to purchase tickets to a public event, such as a concert. Tickets purchased at the door using cash or check will be sold at the face value of the ticket. A ticket purchased at the door using a credit card will be assessed a $0.99 flat fee + 3.5% of the face value of the ticket (the same service fees charged by Brown Paper Tickets).

Ticket Pricing Example:

  • $15.00, cash or check (at the door)
  • $15.00 + $0.99 + 3.5% = $16.52, credit card (either Brown Paper Tickets in advance or UUCSH at the door)