Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles are an opportunity for members and newer attendees to participate in small groups that explore questions of life and faith. This small group approach to ministry offers a committed group in which you come to be known and to know others well. In this time when people’s lives are rushed and fragmented, such an opportunity can be transformational.

These small groups are based on the premise that no one comes to a religious community merely to join a committee or to participate in corporate worship. Rather, people want to deepen connections and be with others who are exploring the mysteries and ideas of the human heart, mind and soul. Small groups help meet the needs of two essential aspects of life: intimacy and ultimacy.

Sharing Circles are ongoing groups comprised of eight to twelve adults that meet once or twice monthly.  Participants can choose the frequency that best meets their needs and schedules.  Each group is led by trained facilitators and features a time of centering and personal check-in. Important themes are explored, such as the values expressed in our principles, religion and spirituality, creativity and grace, loss, and transitions. Participants commit to attend a Circle for one church year, September through May.

Sharing Circles are not a book or current events discussion group, and they are not meant to be support groups or therapeutic. During sessions, we avoid )“fixing” and offering advice, allowing others to share without judgment or interruption.

If you’d like to know more, please ask Nanette Miller (, 724-825-2861)

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