Mission Statement

The purpose of the Art & Aesthetics Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the South Hills (UUCSH) is to exhibit spiritually enriching art work that supports the creative process in us all, while encouraging freedom of expression, diversity, and individuality.


Art can move us emotionally, help connect us to others and their experiences, and encourage us to ponder unseen mysteries. The Art & Aesthetics committee strives to bring high quality artwork to the walls of our church. We invite and encourage artists to exhibit their work to enhance the religious experience of the congregation through artistic expression. The Art & Aesthetics committee meets on a monthly basis to accomplish the following: Manage and display member artwork; select, manage, and display donated items; coordinate and manage rotating exhibits in the sanctuary; work with the Worship team to integrate arts into Sunday services; and provide consultation on aesthetic decisions for the building.

Committee Membership

Interested, qualified individuals, assembled with the consensus of current members, may serve on the committee without time limitations. There is no limit to the number of individuals who may serve on the Art & Aesthetics (A&A) Committee — or on the term of any such individual.

Committee Members

Gloria Snyder, Co-Chair

Gloria has been a fabric artist since childhood making clothing, home decor items, wall hangings, and quilts. She has co-designed and mage several minister’s and DRE’s stoles, and have been the lead on the Sunnyhill Quilts project since 1990. More recently, Gloria has been enjoying working with water color.

Gloria Willis, Co-Chair

Harold Behar

Marina Nielsen

Scott Smith

Jay Thornton

Jay has always enjoyed artistic pursuits including painting and sketching from a young age.

Bob Willis


A&A Procedures for Donating Art Objects and Managing Display of Artwork

Intent to Donate Form