What is Unitarian Universalism?

Unitarian Universalism is sometimes wrongly described as not having its own theology. Although it’s true that there is a great deal of theological diversity within our congregations, we do have our own unique theology—both historically and contemporarily. This service will provide an overview of Unitarian Universalist theology and why it is important to us and … Continued

Change Sustains Us

When life presents the opportunity for change we can choose stasis and what we think is predictability, or creative chaos and the risk that life is not always affectionate when we don’t know the road by heart. John’s talk springs from his 50 years of looking for moments that beg for creative navigation through choices … Continued

The Privilege of Serving

This sermon explores how recognizing one’s gratitude for privilege can lead to service for economic justice. John will reflect on how he and his wife were transformed by their College of Social Justice experience in Haiti; and he will urge Sunnyhill members to seek that same transformational experience next year in the Appalachian coal fields.

The Flaming Chalice

The image of a flaming chalice, which has its roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition, has been the primary symbol of Unitarianism since the 1940’s. This service will explore the meaning and history of this symbol, especially as it relates to the larger mission of Unitarian Universalism in the world.

Choosing to Listen

When is life choosing a path for us and when are we consciously choosing that path? How can we find and listen for the crossroads in life? How can we reset when we pass those crossroads? Michael will explore these themes through personal experiences.

Three Rules to Live By

Although there are countless rules to live by that have been devised over many centuries, this sermon will focus on three rules put forth by musicians Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. These particular rules have to do with being fearless, discerning and kind.

Someone’s Knocking at the Door

Why would a Christian choose to attend Sunnyhill? Why would a thinking person embrace Christianity? Is Sunnyhill ready to embrace Christians? Dawn will offer her perspective on these questions and more. Dawn Moeller took part in a year-long sermon writing class facilitated by Rev. Jim. Sermons by other members of the class will be presented … Continued

I Found God in a Lightning Bug

Service led by Sunnyhill member Krista Baselj. We all face challenges and emotional turmoil as humans. But how do we cope? Please join us for a nature centered service which discusses using our outdoor resources as a means of coping and grounding. It touches on anxiety and mental health and how we can find healing by … Continued

Good Enough

Although there is certainly a place and time for striving and ambition, sometimes our quest for perfection and winning keeps us from living satisfying lives that are “good enough.” How can we embrace the good-enough lifestyle?

Because I Knew You

Service led by member Dolph John Armstrong. Dolph reflects on his journey from a childhood poisoned by racial slurs and hate speech to the moments, interactions, and friends that guided him toward understanding and compassion for all.