Chalice Circles

Sign ups for fall 2017 Chalice Circles are almost complete. Contact Nanette ASAP if interested.  

Nanette Miller, Coordinator (

The UU Small Group Ministry program known at Sunnyhill as Chalice Circles will re-commence in September.  On Sunday, August 20, Rev. Jim’s sermon was about the value of participating in a religious community: “Why Going to Church is Good for You.”  Small group programs like Chalice Circles are a vital part of the church experience. They help meet a need for community and connection that is a key reason people are drawn to a religious community like Sunnyhill.

Why join a Chalice Circle? Chalice Circles can provide all members with a depth of connection that is difficult to reach during coffee hour or at larger church events. Joining a Circle is a wonderful way for newer members to develop relationships that strengthen ties to the Sunnyhill community.

Are you a Chalice CIrcle newbie? Here’s more info: Chalice Circles are small groups that meet throughout the church year to discuss a topic of personal or spiritual importance with a trained facilitator. The groups provide an open and supportive environment that promotes making connections and developing friendships within our congregation. Joining a Circle is an excellent way for members and friends old and new to develop relationships that strengthen ties to the Sunnyhill community. Chalice Circles are not therapy or support groups. A Chalice Circle is also not a book or political discussion group. You will be encouraged to share personal experiences with each other, rather than opinions and advice.

Sign-ups for Chalice Circles will continue through early September. Groups will begin meeting as soon as possible after sign ups close.  If you have questions or would like to sign up, email Nanette and indicate your availability for days or evenings.  Note that Circles generally do not meet on Friday evenings, or on Saturday or Sunday.  Please put the words “Chalice Circle” in the subject line of your email.