Living All Along the Way

Susan Richmond

This service is about loss—how it makes us feel and how we cope with it. Sue Richmond is a long-time member of Sunnyhill and commissioned lay leader who is presenting this service as a service auction item purchased by Judy and John Armstrong.


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Students: $5 // Adults: $15

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Rev. Jim's reflection on the Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 1, 2017, is available here.

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Sunnyhill is in the news! Click here to read a PDF of an article appearing October 27, 2017, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. A huge "Thank you!" to John Armstrong for writing press releases and arranging the interview with Rev. Jim and DRE Jen.

Together in Harmony

Click to listen to Together In Harmony: A Children's Songbook. Prepared by Elise Reichenfeld with illustrations by Claire Pullen.

Women's March Poster

Claire Pullen designed a poster for the Women's March. Download the poster for free. Please acknowledge Claire as the artist.

Chalice Circles

Sign-ups for the 2017-18 Chalice Circles are complete. If you are a visitor considering membership and think you might be interested in a later start date, please contact Nanette Miller. More information about Chalice Circles available hereEmail Nanette.

Mt. Lebo Unity Rally

To read coverage by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, click here.