Our focus for the 2019-2020 Church Year is Unitarian Universalism. For more information about our yearly themes, click here.

Our classrooms are separated by grade range as follows:

PreK-K (Rainbow Room, downstairs)

Soul Matters

1st-3rd Grade (Main Room, downstairs)

Soul Matters

4th-5th Grade (Red Oak Room, upstairs)

Soul Matters

6th-8th Grade (Choir Room, Upstairs)

Soul Matters

High School Youth Group (YG Room, downstairs)

Philosophy for Teens

What to expect for children on Sunday mornings

Upon arrival at Sunnyhill, families are welcome to go to the Sanctuary together to begin worship together. Nursery aged children (6 months through age 3) are invited to stay with parents or to play in our nursery, which is located right next door to the Sanctuary. School aged children should remain with parents until the Story for All Ages, which takes place towards the beginning of the service. At that time, all children are invited to the front to listen to a story before being “sung out” to their Religious Education classes.

Once they arrive in their classrooms, the classes generally follow this format:

Chalice Lighting 

Joys and Sorrows

Activity or Lesson

Extinguish the Chalice

Dismissed for Snack (downstairs)

Parents should pick up their children by 11:15 or let the Chalice Club Captain know that they will be staying for “Chalice Club” (11:15-12:15).

For a sample lesson plan, click here: Sample Lesson: The Possibility of Change