What is Unitarian Universalism?

Unitarian Universalism is sometimes wrongly described as not having its own theology. Although it’s true that there is a great deal of theological diversity within our congregations, we do have our own unique theology—both historically and contemporarily. This service will provide an overview of Unitarian Universalist theology and why it is important to us and … Continued

Change Sustains Us

When life presents the opportunity for change we can choose stasis and what we think is predictability, or creative chaos and the risk that life is not always affectionate when we don’t know the road by heart. John’s talk springs from his 50 years of looking for moments that beg for creative navigation through choices … Continued

The Privilege of Serving

This sermon explores how recognizing one’s gratitude for privilege can lead to service for economic justice. John will reflect on how he and his wife were transformed by their College of Social Justice experience in Haiti; and he will urge Sunnyhill members to seek that same transformational experience next year in the Appalachian coal fields.