Vehement Disagreement . . . Constructive Conversation?

How can we resist the echo chamber and polarization in our culture, and have conversations with those we disagree with? Guest minister Amanda Hays grew up in Mt. Lebanon and is now a ministerial intern at First UU Church of Columbus, Ohio, and a student in the M.Div. program at Meadville-Lombard Theological School.

Faith and Love

Faith is sometimes described as “blind”–as accepting without question a set of propositions or beliefs. But from a liberal religious point of view, faith is more about a commitment to going forward with what we believe to be right while continuing to hold ambiguity, uncertainty and tension. This kind of faith might move us closer … Continued

Trust in an Era of Distrust

Over the past 30-40 years, Americans’ trust in institutions like the government and the church has steadily declined. At the same time, individuals’ trust in each other seems to have eroded as well. Why have we moved from trust to distrust, and what, if anything can be done about it?