I Am Not What I Think

This is a rumination on the social divisiveness we see today, and how social psychology can help us understand the problems we may have in fully embracing the UU first principle. Dennis, a long-time Sunnyhill member, completed the sermon writing class facilitated by Rev. Jim Magaw this past year.

Finding Spirituality in Community

Our spiritual authority is rooted in community, and our individual journeys to finding spirituality within community are unique and many. But how does one begin to seek out their own, personal traditions when the ones handed down from our ancestors don’t necessarily speak to us? Dianna, who has been at Sunnyhill since 2004, completed Rev. … Continued

Living Within the Constraints of Time

One of the primary challenges we face as human beings is the fact that we do not have an unlimited amount of time—there are only 24 hours in each day, and we are alive for only decades at best. How do we deal with this challenge in a positive and life-affirming way?