Teaching Each Other to be Human

This sermon will explore the ideas of influential Unitarian theologian James Luther Adams, who spent time in 1930s Germany when fascism was on the rise. At a time in which we’re seeing a frightening resurgence of right-wing movements around the world, Adams’ work couldn’t be more relevant. This Sunday, we’ll explore such questions as: What … Continued

Easter Sunday: Resurrection and Spirit

One of the great challenges of our current era is to see dark times not as indicative of an ever-downward spiral, but as a time for regeneration and rebirth. Why is this shift in thinking important, and how do we go about making it so that we are working to make the world whole rather … Continued

Why Superstition Works

Even those of us who consider ourselves not at all superstitious tend to hold onto certain superstitious beliefs, practices or habits. Many athletes go through elaborate rituals before competing, and, surprisingly, research shows that superstitions can actually be linked with improved performance. This sermon will explore why this phenomenon occurs and what it might mean … Continued