Why Going to Church Is Good for You

In a bygone era, it was assumed that almost everyone would belong to a religious community of one kind or another, but that assumption no longer holds as more and more people are unchurched. What are the real benefits of going to church and what does it mean to belong to a church in our … Continued

Home Never Closes

  In one of her essays, the writer Annie Lamott tells the story of a girl who becomes lost and tells the police officer who stops to help that “if you can get me to my church, I can always find my way home from there.” As UUCSH prepares to move “home” to Sunnyhill , … Continued

My Improvised Religion

Unitarian Universalism is a creative religion, by its nature.  That’s why we affirm the importance of a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  An important part of this creative process is improvization.  We share this practice with jazz and even comic improv. Dean took part in a year-long sermon writing class facilitated by … Continued