Sanctuary: Just and Holy

Sanctuary can be a consecrated space set aside for worship and reverence; it can also be a place of refuge for those who face oppression and injustice. How do we, as a religious community, create space that is both holy and just?    

Sheltering God in the World

A sanctuary is a sacred place—one often used as a safe space for people or animals or plants. What if instead of a place, we ourselves embodied the charge of sanctuary and imagined a practice of sheltering the holy in the world by the way we engage with it?

Toxic Masculinity

The events of the past week or two—including allegations regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the sentencing of Bill Cosby for sexual assault—have once again raised the issue of the harm that is caused by unchecked toxic masculinity in our culture. How did we get to this point and what can we do about … Continued