Welcoming Congregation Celebration

Last year our congregation renewed our status as a “Welcoming Congregation” with the Unitarian Universalist Association. We are grateful for the work of many in our congregation who engaged in this process. How do we continue to live into our status as a welcoming congregation? Interweave will assist with this service.  

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice

For decades, many institutions and organizations—including the church—have emphasized diversity and inclusion as important values. We often talk of celebrating diversity and striving to be more inclusive. But are diversity and inclusion enough? This sermon will explore how an emphasis on diversity and inclusion may sometimes keep us from working for real justice and equity.

Love the Stranger

What does it mean to “love the stranger”–a concept that is present in a number of different religious traditions? Do we really have to love people we don’t even know or with whom we might not have anything in common? How do set about such a task? Designated Offering: American Red Cross of Southwestern Pennsylvania serves Allegheny, Greene, … Continued