Hanukkah: The Light Still Shines

Why is the ritual of lighting a candle or lamp (or chalice) so powerful? What does this simple act accomplish, and how does it connect us with others? What does it signify for us? We will explore these questions by means of several stories from the Jewish tradition in preparation for Hanukkah, which begins later … Continued

Beauty in Darkness

During this darkest time of the year, we sometimes tend to see only the absence of light rather than the presence of beauty in the darkness itself. What are the gifts of experiencing darkness, and how can we find beauty in dark times?

Thanks, But No Thanks: Freedom and Discipline

This service will explore how freedom is not as much a right as it is a goal and a challenge. During this Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps it is appropriate not to be grateful for freedom but to be thankful for the opportunity to strive for freedom. As William Ellery Channing, one or our UU “saints,” put … Continued