Heaven on Earth

Our Universalist ancestors believed that, in the end, everyone would go to heaven. They believed that any God who was loving would not damn anyone to eternal hell. And they believed that it was up to each of us to create something like heaven on earth—to work for justice, to act with compassion and mercy, … Continued

Zombie Theology

Zombie books, movies, and television series have been on the rise in recent years. What does this phenomenon say about us as a society and where we are headed? To what extent do zombies represent a metaphor for our troubled times in which people can sometimes seem to be soulless bodies just going through the … Continued

The End of Civilization

Our worship service theme for the month of February is eschatology, meaning where we come from, where we are going, and what is our ultimate goal or endpoint. Despite great technological advances in recent decades, our current era can seem like the end of the world—as evidenced by irreversible climate change, the rise of authoritarian … Continued