Religious freedom and political resistance are major themes in the story of Hanukkah and the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid Empire. In this service we will explore how and why these themes are just as relevant now as they have ever been. (Budget Meeting)

Expecting Mystery

Ultimately, we know much less about what will happen in the world and in our lives than we think we do. Cultivating an appreciation for mystery might help us get past disappointment and judgment and arrive at a sense of expectancy instead. How might a sense of mystery help us gain wisdom and much-needed perspective?

Walking Together: Connecting Past, Present, and Future

We UUs do not have a creed; rather, we agree to “walk together,” a phrase as old as the oldest New England churches. The metaphor emphasizes our freedom but also delivers a much more subtle message about discipline and self-restraint. Let us walk together this Sunday after Thanksgiving. I suspect we all need the exercise.