Current Events (Randy Bellamy, contact) 

  • All are welcome who wish to exchange views on any and all topics arising in the news. Participants may state personal views without fear of censorship. At each meeting we take a poll to see which topics are of greatest interest to the greatest number of participants. In 2017-18, meets 2nd and 4th Sunday following the Sunday service.

Quaker Worship Group (Diane Rusch, contact) 

  • Some of these joint UU/Quaker meetings for worship remain completely silent. On occasion a member or members may feel led to speak out of this silence. The Quakers have faith in the “inner light,” suggesting that there is a spark of the divine in everyone, which explains this shared sense of ministry.

Pagan Spirituality (Katie Keane, contact)

  • Members of Spiritways CUUPS explores Pagan spirituality through readings, practice, and discussion. In 2017-18, meets the 3rd Sunday of the month following the Sunday service.

Science and Spiritualituy (Larry Comden, Contact)

  • Explore technical and scientific topics and discuss possible relationships between spirituality and evolving scientific knowledge. This group’s members always propose and vote on the roster of topics for the year and based on their vote the annual agenda is formed. In 2017-18, meets 1st Sunday of the month following the Sunday service.

Spiritways CUUPS

Sunday Morning Meditation (Barbara McCracken, contact) 

  • Confirmation for 2017-18 pending.

Sunnyhill Book Group (Dean Hazelton, contact)

  • Our reading varies widely, from best sellers to classics, but mostly fiction. We pick our books by consensus.

Tuesday Morning Meditation (Diane Rusch, contact) 

  • Confirmation for 2017-18 pending.

Please refer to the church directory for personal email addresses and phone numbers for contacts.